Just Wanna Go Home

We took the long way home, but we made it. When we got to our front door, this sign was there to greet us (from our good neighbors):

welcome home.jpg

I have lots to talk about. But first I have lots to do at home. We had to unload the RV and get our house back in order. Then we have to go food shopping and stock up and prepare for the Corona Virus (I’ll have more to say on that also, so stay tuned).

The first thing that struck me when I walked into my home was that ALL my plants survived without me. Bless their little hearts. The next thing that struck me was how HUGE my home is (despite being only around 1100 square feet). After being in a 165 square foot RV, my home appeared to be massive. It also looked like some rich dude lived in it. Why? Because it was so nice to see real furniture and not RV built-ins! LOL! Next thing I did, after repacking, restacking, refreshing and retracking was take a hot bath in my Jacuzzi. Geeze, some of the things we take for granted!

I’ll be back posting tomorrow. I have lots to talk about pertaining to how eye-opening my long Florida vacation turned out. It was a time of self-discovery, awakening, gratitude, forgiveness (of myself), appreciation and taking a HUGE step outside my comfort zone. It’s all good! I promise.

Until then, thanks for hanging on, my dear readers. I will admit, I got a little bumpy for awhile. I went through some strange culture shocks. I’ll explain more. Until then…..stay well.


  1. We sure enjoy being Winter Texans, but it is nice to be back at home base again after living in our 24″ Class C RV for 5 months. Our house looked huge as yours did, and oh that first shower with plenty o room AND plenty of hot water was a real treat. Welcome back……

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