New CDC Guidelines Advise Older Adults To Stay Home.

coronavirus.pngThe coronavirus seems to be affecting older adults much worse than their younger counterparts. Many of the older patients who have contracted the virus have died shortly after. This information isn’t a good sign to us retirees. Nursing homes and assisted living communities appear to be at most risk. As per the recent CDC updates (click here for the info) older adults are being advised as follows:

Older adults and people who have severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease seem to be at higher risk for more serious COVID-19 illness. Early data suggest older people are twice as likely to have serious COVID-19 illness. This may be because:

  • As people age, their immune systems change, making it harder for their body to fight off diseases and infection.
  • Many older adults are also more likely to have underlying health conditions that make it harder to cope with and recover from illness.

It took DH and I a few days to get our act together. We probably shopped for supplies three days in a row. Hubby had to make sure he had enough of his meds on hand. At one point he actually had to walk into the pharmacy, which in hindsight, probably wasn’t a good idea. It would have been better to call the pharmacist and make arrangements to have his meds mailed to him. Sick people are inside pharmacy stores. DH has monitored heart ailments. It might be prudent for him and others to keep out of these stores for now, if you can.

I myself have a weakened immune system and if anyone recalls, two years back I had serious respiratory problems. UGH. Many of the elderly adults who are dying from this virus were in their 70’s (click here for an example). As a 69 year old woman myself, I’m worried. Wouldn’t that be some kick in the head to have prepared all your life for retirement only to contract some virus and just die? DOUBLE UGH.

This should be a good reminder to us all to enjoy our lives each and every day. We can plan and plan BUT all we know for certain is that we have today. We have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring. Or if it brings anything at all. Keep in contact with your family, friends and neighbors. If you’ve been at odds with someone lately, let it go. This is a time for forgiveness and as I have been saying, kindness. Lets put everything into perspective. It may not be long before all we will be consumed about is survival, staying healthy and alive and being strong enough to get through yet another one of life’s obstacles.

Every time I turn on the TV the news gets worse and worse and worse. Have you seen the images of Milan, Italy yet? (click here for more info) The shelves are bare. There is no food. The streets are empty. All public events, such as soccer games and concerts have been cancelled. Italy is not as wealthy as America is. Sure they have a great health system, but almost all of their businesses are closed and bordered up. What happens to an economy when shuttered? All my relatives on my father’s side, live in Italy. When we visit them, we fly into Milan since they all live in northern Italy. We’re staying in touch through Facebook. I have no doubt that America will look like Italy soon enough unless this virus is contained.

Military officers outside the Duomo cathedral, closed by authorities because of the coronavirus outbreak, in Milan on February 24.
REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo


  1. You are such a prudent, pragmatic person! Yes, I think you are being wise to stock up and hunker down. With the shortage of testing kits, it is hard to have accurate stats of the spread. I won’t digress into the politics of the situation other than to say that politics have no business being a part of a public health situation.

    I have stocked up a bit, but still go to work. I go to the gym, but only for the treadmill after I have wiped it down completely. My stretching and other exercises now take place at home. I wash my hands all the time.

    We all have to be careful, hygienic and calm. I hope you and your DH stay healthy!


  2. We decided to return to our home base (Brick and Mortar) instead of staying another month in the Austin area in an RV resort. It was tough to give up that last month as Winter Texans but glad we made that decision as COVID-19 has pretty much gone nuts since Feb 24th, when we got ‘home’. As I am the poster child for at risk man (69 YO, COPD, Sleep apnea and Type 2 Diabetic) we too have hunkered down with enough stuff for a month or more. I just can’t believe we are getting the whole story from our government. Everybody else can give accurate information, The USA can’t even tell how many have been tested. Sigh….


    • No matter how bad you may think the American government may be as to the facts, they are a helluva lot better than China. That country knew about the virus but did nothing, so as to save face and save their economy. People are giving Trump a hard time because they claim he let go important officials/funds two years ago at the CDC. Not true. He diverted funds to take care of the opioid crisis instead. That was the emergency then and that is where the action was needed. You’ll never hear that in the news. Remember, this is an election year and Trump is going to get pounded no matter what he does. You must believe that our government as well as our states are committed to our good health. We’re only human and many of us have never faced something like this before. At least not to my knowledge. We’re going to make mistakes.
      We turned back early from our winter vacay too. Glad we did. We just about managed to buy what we needed from many of the stores. Many shelves are bare now. If we waited, we’d have less. Amazon is no help either. There’s a waiting list.
      We need to have trust. There are plenty of people out there, plenty of first responders who care about us and will see to it that we are safe.
      Thanks for your comment. Stay healthy and take care!


  3. I have been having “knee problems” for a couple of months. Today I met with a orthopaedic specialist. After having x-rays taken on both of my legs, the verdict is that I need knee joint replacement on both knees! The Dr. said that I would have surgery one day, spend the night and then be released to go home the next day. He said that I would have follow-up physical therapy at my home. He said that usually he sends his patients to about a two week stay at an in-patient rehab facility. BUT that with all of the illness going around now, he was not sending his patients to facilities unless it was absolutely necessary! When my husband had this same procedure done, a few years ago, he stayed at a rehab facility for two weeks and he gained his strength back like we had hoped. Now, that option is not available for me. I have not decided when I will be having this surgery done. Will wait as long as I possibly can. Penny S.


    • Hi Penny. I’ve been coming to the same decision for my own health care too. I’m holding off going to even see my drs for preventative exams. Holding off on my mammogram also. I’m not going in to any hospitals or doctors office. If it’s not an emergency I’m staying home. My insurance offers video conferencing with a nurse and if I need health advice I’m dialing in.
      You do what you feel is right for you. I agree. Stay safe.


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