The Virus That Will Change Our Future

There’s no disputing that the Coronavirus emanated out of Communist China. As more and more people fall sick (and possibly die) from this virus, did you know that China manufactures over 95% of all our drugs and antibiotics? What better way for a Communist country, that despises the United States, wipe out its competition without firing a single shot or going to war?

This isn’t a scare tactic. This is the truth. We The People are in a whirlwind of shit. It’s anticipated that millions of us are going to die. And I think, subconsciously I agree with this fact. I’ve found myself spending money on things that I have always wanted but never bought for myself. Somewhere inside my soul I know that life as I knew it, will be coming to an end. I also know that I am going to watch someone in my family die of this virus and there is going to be nothing that I can do about it. DH and I are two older adults whose health is already compromised. DH has severe heart aberrations. I have a weakened immune system and a history of respiratory problems.

Say what you want about Fox News. Say what you want about Tucker Carson. In this 9 minute video, Carson gives it to the American people straight. This virus is going to fundamentally change our world as we knew it. Nothing will ever be the same. Our economy depends so much on China (already there is a shortage of iPhones being announced by Apple Inc.). Our politicians sold this country to the highest bidder…..and that was China. Now, we’re all going to pay the price with our lives.



  1. If spending makes you happy and you can afford it, then I say go ahead. You like to plan, so I am sure you will not overspend. I believe your spending plan has included some savings for emergencies.

    It is going to be a lovely day in our area. With this mild March, we have had a chance to get out and do some outside chores. Food prep has been easy. I have been using up thawed out leftovers in combination with fresh vegetables. In the Spring I am never super hunger. I can count on some weight lose. I count my calories to make sure. We are to see friends for supper tonight.

    This virus has had us being cautious, but with so little testing we have not heard if anyone we know or live near has it. We are going on the theory they do not. I did buy some extra toilet paper though! I use cleaners and wipes all the time anyway. Springtime loosens the sinuses, so tissues are used more in a typical year.

    For us, getting out and seeing some people makes us happy. We do not gather with big crowds of strangers, but I do grocery shop. My husband volunteers.

    The government is hiding much, because they do not want the news to reflect on their reelection. The CDC and other health organizations are in the learning stage of what is happening and they are being restricted by the government and by their own problems. All of this is a learning experience. Life is in God’s hands. It is up to me to find joy by wisely living each day. Good luck finding some peace and joy.

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    • Hi Sue. I bought myself a few essential pieces for my new wardrobe. I want to get my hair done. I’m doing my own nails. I love my new handbag and I can’t believe I finally have a weeding ring! I just felt compelled to give myself a new start. A new beginning. Fix myself up and restart again.
      It’s going to be in the mid 60s this whole week, starting today. Hubby and I already plan on going on our first hike along the Hudson River. It’ll be good to finally get out of the house and into warm weather again.
      I am certain that our government is trying hard not to cause a national riot. Ditto for the CDC. But the facts are that more and more cases are coming up despite the additional fact that no one has any idea who is or isn’t infected.
      I am basing my reality on my family in Italy. That country has been hit hard by the coronavirus. I am in constant communication with my Italian cousins. My oldest cousin works for Navartis, an international, well respected medical corporation. My family all live in Bologna. He said that the north has been hit very hard. He said that ALL the beds in ALL the hospitals up north are full. What do you think that means? It means this virus can be very bad indeed. The shelves are bare in the supermarkets. Shortages of supplies. Can you imagine Italy, the center of the greatest food in the world, are having food shortages????
      Thank you so much for your comment. You offer many good, solid, pieces of advice. I do agree with you that this is all in God’s hands. May He help us all.


      • I don’t think Tucker hates Trump! He was a strong advocate before he even got his new show! He will make a few criticisms, but he’s mostly on board. I think Trump listens to him. He wanted him to close the border immediately to China and he did. this medication thing IS worrisome, but Trump has the authority to take over the pharmaceutical industry in the interest of national security and get them making all this stuff, including the drugs made in China. So I hope he does that sooner rather than later. I think they are looking into this now, so try not to worry! (My husband is on a lot of these drugs, too, has had a stent, i wonder which ones he takes are made there.)


      • Lynn, maybe ‘hate’ was too strong of a word. I was under the impression Tucker wasn’t too fond of Trump. We haven’t gotten FOX in 2 years so I just have the YouTube videos to make a judgment call with.
        The prescriptions have to have a place of origin printed somewhere on the label. When you get a chance, give a look.
        Thanks again for your comment.


      • Thanks, I will check the bottles — it seems Dad’s coumadin and Parkinson’s drugs are mostly made here. Not sure what my husband is on. Eloquis I think. so have to check his.

        Yeah, I’ve been watching Tucker since he was first just on the panel on Fox and before he had his first show. He’s a Trump guy. But he’s not a rubber stamp person like Hannity. He’s not for war, so he doesn’t like it when Trump strays into Hawkish actions, and he’ll criticize him a little here and there. He doesn’t mind his personality at all. He’s gonna be voting for him, trust me. 🙂

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  2. I guess there’s no telling when something like this will slam us out of the blue and I guess it did. I think they should investigate the origin of this a bit more and we should stop doing this crap, too. They should not be messing with anything unless there’s a real need for a vaccine. Tucker is right–we should never have become a globalist country. I am a fan of Wendell Barry. We will likely return to small agrarian communities after things all melt down. Wish we didn’t have to hear all this freaking “NEWS” from all over the planet.

    Do your best to postpone getting the virus until they have some better anti-virals and treatments. The longer out the better, though the hospitals will become full soon. The younger folks will keep things spinning, I hope, though we should hope in a good way. You are lucky you all are retired. You can control your environment at least some.

    Maybe this will help Trump’s anti-globalist message if he can manage this outbreak fairly well.


    • For Tucker Carson, who hates Trump, to admit that many of Trumps policies are proving to be right (close the borders, bring back manufacturing to American soil, create jobs, stop globalization, levy tariffs on China, stopping the airlines from bringing in China tourists and passengers back in January, making America independent again, etc.) is a powerful statement.
      Thankfully, we are sufficient in our own energy so we won’t have to wait on long lines anymore to get gasoline. Our farms and dairies can make a quick come back. It’s the pharmaceuticals I’m worried about. Trump order many American factories and laboratories to start producing masks, test kits, gloves etc. I sure hope we start making our own antibiotics ASAP. Right now, my husband’s life saving meds are made in China. He’s trying to stock up but it’s been difficult. I hope to God he doesn’t run out.
      Hubs and I have been hunkering down at home. I think I am going to re-start my water coloring hobby. Hubby has a jeep project he can resurrect. However, it might be difficult in the near future to get car parts. We’ll see.
      In the meantime, we finally dumped satellite service after 20 years! So nice to get our TV service from an antenna. Why did we wait this long?? And we’re streaming more and spending less.
      I am going to check out Wendell Barry.
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


  3. I think this will change things, but differently then people think. If we thought big box stores took out mom and pop stores, then the virus will completely change offices. No more white collars “going to work” they will telecommute.
    What does that mean? No more likes at Starbucks or daily lunches out. Just get a salad and sit in front of Zoom for a company brainstorm lunch. You don’t need a lot of professional clothing (meaning those cool dress stores will close). You don’t need your car (no more buying an new one) or as much gas, or a good mechanic or the list goes on. Yes, the top 20% will save lots of money. The mid lower 30% will be out of jobs.

    If schools go on line—why do we need a ton of teachers? We certainly don’t need recess or lunch room monitors….kids will all ((magically) be at home. A teacher can easily handle 60 students IF they don’t have to discipline them.

    You can really spiral this.
    That is how this could completely change things…..
    Maybe it is time for this change…. or maybe this will really make us look at society and how it works.
    BTW- Tucker has always been a libertarian. He sees the good and bad in every administration. He was also the one who first called out the pharma moving out of the states years ago.
    China had us right where they wanted us- from their own admission- until Trump. It is interesting to watch from a historical point of view.

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    • HI Janette. Our world, as we knew it, is already changing. Is it for the better? I hope so. All I know is that I have to upgrade my streaming. Everything now is going to be done through the internet. We all are going to need stronger, better bandwidth!
      Thanks for your comment. Much to think about.


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