We’re On Lockdown

I turned on our NYC news this morning and a notice popped up that the CBSN newsroom is on shutdown because a few workers were diagnosed with the coronavirus. The studio was closed and is being disinfected. The news feed was then forwarded to Boston and we were getting our news out of Boston rather than NYC. We then quickly redirected our news to Albany, NY and right now we’re getting our information out of the Capital Region.

The news is changing fast and quickly. The Mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio announced today that the city is on lockdown (click here). Groups of more than 500 people have been banned. All sports and entertainment facilities have been shut down and that includes Broadway Theaters. Restaurants are empty and closing. All my kids are home in their apartments, ordered to continue working from home.

The state of New York has more than 300 cases and is the 2nd most impacted state in the U.S. next to Washington state; the lion’s share of those cases is in Westchester County.

My kids are terrified and we’re working on a plan to get them out of the city once and for all. We need to bring them here, in upstate NY, in the mountains where there are less people and good health care. They have living arrangements here in my home on the second floor. One of my SIL has serious health problems and if he ever gets infected, he may not make it. We may have to get him out first.

DH and I made our last Aldi supermarket run this morning. We have no intention of going back there for at least a month. As we run out of food, we’ve been getting it from Amazon (i.e. 5 pound bags of jasmine rice, dried beans, gatorade). The driver leaves the packages on the side deck and we bring it into our home hours later. I was shocked to see the empty shelves already at Aldi. Signs were posted that many of the products, such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies etc were limited to each shopper (2 packs of toilet paper only as an example).

Life is changing rapidly, right in front of our eyes. DH and I decided that I would be the one to go in to the stores while he stays inside the car. We both can’t get sick at the same time. I had two Lysol wipes (one in each hand) as I made my way through the supermarket aisles. Hubby and I have been using the Lysol wipes to clean off everything. We are also being vigilant NOT to touch our faces, but that has proven to be hard. I did rub my eyes once while I was in Aldi and who knows if that will bring any sickness to me. No one yet has been diagnosed with the virus in our hometown BUT one person has already been diagnosed in the next town over and that person did interact with 20 people from our home town. UGH. That’s all I can say.

We’ve hung up a chain across our driveway so that no one can enter. A few Jehovah Witnesses made there way through and rang our doorbell. Hubby shushed them away and off our property. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Everyone seems to be in a tizzy. I accidentally coughed (I had a tickle in my throat) while inside Aldi and you could literally see everyone back away from me. It was frightening.

92% of our money is in FDIC investments. 14% of that is available immediately and is supposed to hold us till DH collects his social security in 2 years when he turns 65. Should financials deteriorate rapidly, DH will apply for his social security now but we’ll be forever locked into a low income environment (which is fine because I’m the queen of frugality. I can make any income work out for us just fine). We have 8% of our money invested in Wall Street (S&P500, some bond funds and target date funds). ALL Wall Street funds have lost money. The original reason why I gambled with this money was to make some extra money to use on vacations. Oh well. The way it looks now, nobody will be going any where soon. I may have to request a refund from our RV stay in Newport RI this August. I have no intention of liquidating the Wall Street funds. I’m just going to leave them alone. I won’t need these funds for at least 2 to 5 years (fingers crossed). Hopefully they will come back by then. Isn’t that what the financial advisors always tell us? That Wall Street always comes back?

Well, what if this is the Black Swan? What if it never comes back? We are going to watch a complete collapse of human life as we know it. Don’t believe me? Think I’m crazy? You’ll believe me when it happens to YOU. Till then, it’s just conjecture.

I used to have a dream about our home when we first bought this 3.5 acre property back in 2001. We found ourselves up here in the mountains of New York State when we escaped the horrors of Manhattan from the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I always envisioned this home as Tara, the mythical home of Scarlett O’Hara from the movie ‘Gone With The Wind‘. I always imagined my entire family here, working the land, growing the crops, feeding the chickens and the goats, all living together in harmony, safe, healthy and alive, just like the O’Haras on Tara, after The Civil War. The name of this property also came to me in a dream. God told me the name of this estate is: Brandle Gyers. I have no idea what that name means nor where it comes from. People who know me know that I always praised God for this blessed property, for it was a miracle that we are here at all.

Land is the only thing worth living for, worth fighting for, worth dying for” as said to Scarlett by her father. Needless to say ‘Gone With The Wind‘ has always been my most favorite movie. It is a story of a woman’s determination to survive and live through life’s worst challenges. No one throughout history has been a better role model (to me) than Katie Scarlett O’Hara (my idol!) Scarlett may be Irish, but don’t underestimate this Italian girl. We Italians have great love of our homes too! Land is the only thing that lasts.

Enjoy this clip from the movie:



  1. Oh my goodness Cindi how frightening! Things are nowhere near as bad as that here, YET. My niece and nephew live in NYC and my niece, who is a restaurant GM says revenue is down 50% and they’ve begun lay offs.

    We’ve been stockpiling too, my whole family is taking it seriously except for my step kids who are convinced it’s a conspiracy and have done NOTHING to prepare. We have a firm talk with my stepdaughter and we think she gets it. Although it seems to affect our age range worse, so far, it could mutate.
    Our youngest granddaughter has lung issues as she was born prematurely. She’s always sick and we told stepdaughter that she needs to consider our granddaughter.
    Since we’re in the city, we’ll continue to gather supplies whenever we go to Walmart, which is less than a mile away.
    Regarding SS, only you and DH know what’s best for both of you. In our case, DH and I took it at 62 and we have no regrets. We know too many people that either died or became disabled before being able to collect it, and that money was just left on the table for the government to collect. So we took our Social Security early and we’ve never looked back.

    Good luck to all of you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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