The Day The Earth Stood Still

As more and more services shut down and cease to operate, the more and more our daily lives are changing right in front of our eyes. These changes may become permanent. Life as we used to live it may no longer return to what it once was. The powers that rule over us have wanted a new world order, at least to my knowledge, since the 1970s. No borders. Rampant globalization. World climate control. A full government stranglehold with global powers in the hands but of a few. Have you looked around lately and seen the results of what a simple virus can do to the minds of your fellow humans?

No one believes a single word another authoritarian may utter. The display of finger pointing and blame, if it were not actual would be almost comical. Want an example of such levity? The companies that sell doomsday prepper meals ran out of food a few days ago. When the preppers aren’t even prepared for the apocalypse, how can you, a single person, be?

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 6.02.10 AM.png
A screen shot of the excellent 1951 sci-fi movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still’

Each time a restaurant closes its doors and lays off its staff, each time a mass transit mode of transportation either reduces its operation or shuts down entirely, each time a school, a concert, a shop, a store, or government office ceases to operate, each time an employee goes without a paycheck, any income or exhaust their unemployment benefits, drags the global economy down to its knees. Think about what I just wrote/said. Use your imagination and try to envision what the world is going to look like. It is eventually going to come to a complete standstill. It will be the day that the earth stood still.

This is a photo of my husband’s tick bite.

Every medical iota is so wrapped up in the coronavirus frenzy that should you need medical attention for any other ailment, you will be sorely disappointed. My husband suffers from the remnants of Lyme disease. It was so badly misdiagnosed for years that it entered into his brain and he suffered from Cerebral Lyme. He had to endure 21 days of massive antibiotics in order to be ‘cured. So, you can understand his concern when he got bit by yet another tick a few days ago. He tried for two days to get in touch with his primary care physician. Left messages, emails, sent photos of the tick bite and even spoke with the doctors’ assistant explaining the severity of the problem. That was days ago. Time is of the essence. My husband may need antibiotics again should this tick bite reignite his dormant Lyme Disease. Going to the ER right now, is totally out of the question since most ERs are now wrapped up in the coronavirus. If this neglect is happening to my husband then it surely is happening to other people whose ailments have nothing to do with the coronavirus. You are being ignored. You are being left to die.

If any of us ever find out that this coronavirus up-play was purely political, there will be hell to pay. Every time Trump opens his mouth, regardless of whatever he says or does, the criticism and backlash is despicable. The hatred in this country and the world, for that matter, is most vile. Instead of sticking together and trying to find solutions, there are nothing but jokes, innuendos and a plethora of vile, nasty comments. Really guys? Can any of you do it better? Do you really think that Joe Biden, a man who can’t string two sentences together, who doesn’t know where he is, what he’s running for and in all fairness, probably suffers from dementia, can Uncle Joe do any better?

According to a CDC estimate, there were more than 60 million swine flu cases reported in the U.S. between April 2009 — when the disease was first detected in California — and April 2010, with more than 12,000 people dying.

Did America shut down, like it is doing today, back in 2009-2010 when the Swine Flu first came on the scene? Or the Bird Flu? Trump is calling on great, American corporate giants such as WalMart, Target, Google, Quest Diagnostics to help solve the coronavirus crisis. What does Bernie Sanders want to do? Sanders wants to destroy American corporations, take them down, annihilate them and strangle them under massive lawsuits so that he can redirect those funds to pay for Medicare-For-All. What planet does this imbecile come from?

I am so disgusted with the lot of us, I can barely contain myself. Who concocted the terminology of ‘Social Distancing’? We need to band together not isolate ourselves inside our homes. The only thing keeping us strung together is the internet. And how are we using it? By bashing the only true person in charge. Instead of looking and solving our immediate crisis, the media focuses on insisting the term ‘Chinese, Foreign or Wuhan’ virus is racist. Really? People are getting sick and dying and pundits are concentrating their vile thoughts on racism (click here)? People are losing their life savings in the stock market, retirees are trembling, jobs are evaporating, layoffs are mounting, services are being cut, grocery stores are being emptied, people are panicking over how they are going to wipe their butts next month and the media is slicing hairs on word meanings?

We need to concentrate on today. We need to find solutions for tomorrow. We don’t need to keep dredging up the past. And in this instance, the past can be last week or last month. What a person did or said last week or last month means nothing today. What matters is now. We need to move forward. Put away our blaming, pointing fingers and hunker down and work together to solve whatever future potential this virus may play upon humankind. If not, use your imagination. What do you see? I see a new world order. One in which, it is doomed.

Listen to these words uttered back in 1951 in the sci-fi movie ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ of what our future might resemble. You will find these words true today as they were back in 1951.




  1. Scary times, and indeed. Unfortunately Donald & his administration are the worst in history. If they weren’t indicted, they were fired. So yes, I’ll be voting for Biden in November. He will surround himself with competent people, hopefully. But I, for one, am sick of the shitshow in our WH.


    • Thanks for voicing your opinion. I respect your decision. But isn’t that what Trump is doing already? Having the best people around him who can expertly handle the current crisis?


  2. I’m sorry you’re scared, but this won’t last forever. Things will get back to some new kind of normal. It may look or feel different than we’ve been used to but things will settle down. Donald Trump is doing the best he can do. Some will appreciate that and some won’t and things will still settle down. The hysteria can only last for so long and then calmer heads will prevail.


    • Hi. Hello. Thanks for saying that. I’m certain you are correct. But this should all be a lesson for us. Not to take our lives for granted. I also believe that President Trump is doing his best to take care of the American people. I NEED to believe that.
      Thank you so much for your comment. God bless.

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  3. I hope your husband gets in to the doctor. That bite looks serious. I hope your entire family stays safe. I am wishing you and yours the best during this crisis.


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