How To Keep Busy While The World Goes Insane

It’s the panicking that’s going to do us all in. Once it starts, there is just no going back. So, let the madness begin. In the interim, what should we do while the rest of the world goes insane?

Go out for a long ride. Don’t worry. You won’t hit any traffic. Nobody’s out on the roads anymore.
Stock up your pantry in alphabetical order.
Make sure you have enough beverages on hand. Yes! Those kind of beverages.
Convert your storage shed into a chicken coop.
woman smoking pot
Make sure you have a 90 day supply of your meds. Yes! Those meds.
Don’t forget to stock up on your hunting and shooting supplies. Yes! That kind of hunting.

Lastly, sharpen up your cooking skills. Cook, bake, fry, poach, broil, grill… it all.


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