Prediction: A Complete And Total Collapse

To all the Trump haters out there, I hope you’re finally happy.  You got what you have been wishing for these last three years: the complete and total collapse of Trump and his economy. The Dow today has wiped out all of its gains since the election of Trump (click here). Trump has now switched from being a peacetime president to a president of war so in retrospect, the stock market means nothing to anyone now. It’s a matter of survival and staying alive. Not how much anymore We The People make in the S&P500. It’s all about making sure we have enough toilet paper to wipe our asses with.

What a National Disgrace we are. We’ve been hoping and praying Trump would fail and maybe technically we did fail. But we have all failed together. People are dying all over the world as containment of the coronavirus seems to be nearly impossible and what does the liberal fake news concentrate on? Splitting hairs with President Trump on what to call the virus?

Really folks? While the pandemic was roaring its vile head back in China, Trump was bound up with the Democrats and their preposterous impeachment scheme instead of our president channeling his time and energy in to keeping American citizens safe. We have fought Trump tooth and nail every milometer step of his way towards bringing peace and prosperity to the masses. What have we done instead of giving this man any praise? We make fun of his orange hair, we make fun of his wife and his children, his grabbing women by the pussies, we criticize ad nauseum his tweets, his love of fast food burgers, his supposed incompetency in world affairs, business affairs, his supposed inability to earn money and become a billionaire because Trump’s father Fred loaned him a million dollars to start his life.

Every goddamn talk show on late night, bashes Trump, with no end in sight. We have celebrities, such as Bette Midler, who sends out vicious and vile tweets almost daily wishing nothing but death to Trump and his family (click here). Washington Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin, makes this announcement (click here) hoping Republicans will die of the coronavirus vs Democrats. Really, lady? You’re wishing more Republicans die instead of Democrats simply because Republicans may have voted for Trump? You wish them death?

Personally, I’m glad the stock market tanked. I’m glad people are going to be losing their jobs. People are going to be without any money nor have the ability to earn any more money for a while. People are going to suffer big time. Is this what you wanted folks, because you got it! I don’t care if you’re a billionaire. You are going to feel the pangs of our current economic collapse. Because that’s what it is. We are watching not only America, but all the other countries, who also spent much time bashing Donald J. Trump, fall and possibly perish. What we are going to witness is what the Bible calls: the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Oh, I shouldn’t mention the Bible? I shouldn’t bring up the ‘God’ subject? Why not? You know, deep down in your soul (if you still have one) that what is going on in this world today is ALL in God’s hands. Think about it. What a perfect, perfect way for God to get everyone’s attention. God knows that the main way He can reach almost every human being is through the pocket book. When people are broke and destitute, it is then and sometimes only then, when people reach out and cry out to God to ‘please help me!” Amen to that brother and sister.

I think God has everyone’s attention right now and he is going to show you that there are more important things in life than the pursuit of money and the bashing of His chosen US American president.

God is going to force you to stop, reconnect with your family and friends, stop working, stop the money hustle and just stay home and think about what really is important to everyone who is living on this planet earth. Think about it. We all are being forced to go on a God Vacation, sort to speak, aren’t we? We’re learning the value of food, the value of work, the value of money, the value of our health and the value of having the proper, duly elected leaders in charge. We’re going to stop the lying and the hatred that has taken over our country so much so that none of us can see straight anymore. None of us know what is the truth, what has value, what is important. All we know is how to make everyone else miserable and unhappy.

Don’t think that its a coincidence that our pompous celebrities are mostly out of jobs right now. Don’t think its a coincidence that the richest fool-man, Michael Bloomberg just wasted $800,000,000 million dollars because the ass thought he could buy the American people’s votes. Well, he couldn’t. Give yourself a pat on the back for that at least! Don’t think that our Wall Street Stock Market is not trekking a journey through a path never traveled on before. There is NO guarantee that this Stock Market is ever going to come back to where it was just barely six weeks ago.

Let me ask you something. Now that you are facing a total, possible financial collapse, does it really matter to you what gender we are, what bathrooms we can use, what we call ourselves, how PC we are, how late in pregnancy we can kill/abort a baby? Is it really that important anymore to take ‘In God We Trust‘ out of our court rooms, off of our worthless, printed paper money, off our coins?? Think it was a wise decision not to teach our children that there really is a God out there who loves us and wants to protect us and help us live our best lives possible by taking prayer out of the schools and all other references to the Great Almighty? How’s that all been working out for all of us?

Has anyone noticed that we’re all in this mess together? And if we want it solved we better quit our complaining and our degradation of those duly elected in charge of us and hunker down and do the right thing? It’s time to quit bashing Trump. He’s just a human being. Why on earth the man wanted to give up his Rich and Famous life and dedicate to helping the lot of us is beyond me. Trump has endured so much pain and anguish, just from wanting to do the right thing for our country that I can’t fathom why each and every one of us aren’t ashamed of ourselves. Has anything been gained from annihilating Donald J. Trump? Has there been any benefit in doing so?

Don’t want to believe there is a God? Don’t want to believe there is a supreme higher being in charge? Don’t want to believe in miracles or the goodness of mother earth, our fellow man and all the animals and flowers of this world? If we are to succeed and continue, we need to have hope. Maybe Trump is not the right vehicle to give any of us hope. I get that. But we still need to have hope, we need to find something we can believe in and we all need to pray. Period. Praying, for some reason, seems to cast a feeling of calm and hope over our very souls, as if for some unknown reason, we come to realize that everything just may be alright. You don’t need any special words. Just the acknowledgement that we need some help from up above and the need for something good to believe in may just salve our weary souls.

I found this YouTube video of Pastor Craig (up until today I never heard of him). The Pastor has just come out of a mandatory coronavirus quarantine and he shares what he has learned and observed in both his quarantine and our current events.

How should the church respond to the coronavirus? The Pope has no answers. Maybe this guy does. He advises on what we all can do now, today, to live and stay alive in this crazy world right now:




  1. Amen Cindi!
    Thank you for writing what I have been feeling even before the Covid-19 hit.
    God is in control – maybe more should pray and listen to what he wants them to do with the gifts he’s bestowed on them.
    The self-centered, selfish hatred by so many celebrities and media people and others just don’t get it and never will. At least I recognize I don’t need these people to live my life. I do pray for them as well.
    We are all in this as a nation and I pray we come out of this for the better.
    Stay safe, stay true to yourself


    • Thanks Janet. One thing I learned through my lifetime, every single time God wanted my personal attention, he hit me in the pocketbook. Works every time!
      Thank you for your comment.


    • Hi Sharon. I felt inspiration today. Probably one of our most darkest days and yet I feel good inside. I think we are all going to be alright in the end. We simply need to pray.
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. So much for your attempts at kindness in this time of uncertainty. Goodness. If you don’t like what you hear on the news, don’t listen to it. You make very broad sweeping, and I think kind of divisive statements in this post. Do you think God sent Trump to be our President?, Did He send Obama, and GW too? Why do you think God gives a crap about the U.S. over any other country, plant or insect. Essentially are you saying that we all need to wake up, pray to God and get on Trump’s side or we are doomed? I am not a Trump fan but I love this country. We are now dealing with a situation we’ve never had to deal with in our lifetimes. We will only get through this if leveler heads prevail. Getting a gun on impulse (for protection and hunting), and shouting at people in this post about God and Trump, with vitriol, is not a level head.

    I hope you and hubby stay on your property and stay healthy. Limit how often you listen to or read the news. I find I am less stressed and irritated if I get an update once a day. As long as you are following CDC guidelines you should be fine. Listen to classical music. Go for a walk with the pup. Have a big glass of wine. We will all get through this if level heads prevail.

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    • DeeCee, my brother just got admitted into the hospital. He is being tested for the coronavirus right now as I type this. He’s 76 years old and is in remission from bladder cancer.
      If you think NOT listening to the news is helpful, why not just stick your head in the sand like an ostrich?
      DD#1 office just laid off 8 workers. DD#2 office just laid off 4. My oldest daughter is a wedding photographer. Guess what? Brides are cancelling. My kids are worried about paying the rent, paying their taxes, buying food and keeping the lights on. SIL#2 has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Do you know what that is? He has the life expectancy of 48 years. He’s 40 now. They just went through 2 miscarriages because their babies inherited the disease and malformed in uterus and had to be aborted.
      They don’t listen to the news. They know nothing. I have to tell them what is going on. They think obviously like you do: if they don’t hear it, it’s not happening.
      God, or a supreme being, is in total control of our lives. Yes, I believe that 1000%. Too many supernatural things happen to me in my own lifetime experience to ever doubt that. yes, I believe God sent Trump, Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton and even George Washington. I believe it was an act of God, 3 days before Obama got re-elected, that America suffered through a hurricane and Mitt Romney was nowhere to be found. Obama was destined to be re-elected at that time. Look at how Romney has worked out? It isn’t strange to you that the founding fathers of America heavily relied on God????? Of course God gives both a crap and a rats ass about America and Americans.
      I haven’t posted ALL the nasty comments I have been receiving. Lucky for you readers. I listen to Trump’s daily press meeting, along with his CoronaVirus Team. Today’s PR went very well. A bit more hopeful and under control. Some of Trump’s most divisive haters are suddenly leaning towards praising Trump. They can’t deny anymore that Trump is doing a good job. NY Governor Cuomo, who has publicly expressed his extreme hatred for Trump is suddenly praising him. And he’s not just kissing butt to get favors. Ditto of the Governor of CA. As well as long time Trump hater, Ilhan Omar.
      I didn’t get a gun on impulse. Husband and I have been talking about it for years. It was just the right time now. What commenters have I shouted at on this post? I haven’t released any of the vitriol comments I’ve gotten, so I really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m also not saying people should get on Trumps side. I am, however, saying, that people should get on God’s side. You’d be amazed at how, once you have a relationship with God, life makes more sense.
      Hubby and I are, of course, staying on our property (a home that I have said repeatedly was given to hubby and I by God, because it defied all human odds, but that’s another story) and we are healthy (again, another gift from God because my husband should have been dead years ago!) And we listen to happy music, all day long, through Spotify. We walk our dog every day, weather permitting. We don’t drink. Hubby can not have any alcohol. And yes, after listening to Trump this morning, I am feeling more confident that this current crisis-du-jour too will pass. We have the most level headed human being IMHO, working in The White House.


      • Sheila, I am going to address you just once. Turn off the koolaid fake news channels because you are just showing you know absolutely nothing about anything.
        Trump diverted the health initiatives funds to conquering the opioid crisis. When he did this we did NOT have a pandemic on the horizon. But we surely had an opioid crisis.
        Back at the middle/end of January, Trump was involved in defending himself from The Democrats ridiculous impeachment nonsense. Rather than the president concentrating on doing his job, he was sideswiped by the Democrats.
        Trump did however, on January 31, 2020, realize that there was a potential pandemic stemming out of China and issued an order forbidding all incoming flights from China be stopped. here’s the link:

        What was the Democrats & fake news response? Biden called Trump guilty of fearmongering, a racist and a xenophobic. Here’s the link:

        If anyone is guilty of crazy talk, it’s you.
        I don’t want any of your false crap on my blog.
        You’ve been blocked.
        You want to vote for demented Joe Biden or have anything to do with the likes of Hillary Clinton (who left so many people to die in Benghazi because she was too drunk to answer the phone call for help) you go right ahead.
        Trump downplayed the virus because he didn’t want to start rioting in the streets. Use your brain. You would have done the same thing. Look at what is happening because people are panicking. They can possibly take down this whole country. Do you really think America has enough money to pay every laid off worker’s salary? Bail out hotels, airlines, GM, Ford etc. etc. etc? Think America can’t go bankrupt from all of this? Trump knew and he did his best!


      • Cindi, I am so so sorry to hear about your brother. I’ll keep him in my prayers. My husband is less then a year out from finishing chemo for colon cancer after two successful surgeries in 2019. My kids are out of work too after just launching from college in the last 2 years. They each have enough saved to survive on their own for maybe 2 months. We will help them if need be. My brother is immune suppressed due to having a liver transplant. He would surely die if he contracted this virus. But I’m not sure my family’s problems ever rise to the level that God steps in. I feel with all the wars, child abuses, natural disasters, THIS pandemic, in this crazy world my problems are small potatoes. I feel that God helps me realize I’m not in control and to be calm to make the right decisions and not lose my mind. And I didn’t say I don’t watch the news, I limit it to daily. Ignorance is bliss but it’s also stupid. I felt your post’s purpose was to whip up panic, frenzy and an us against them argument. Maybe you just needed to vent due to how stressful and frustrating this whole thing is. Totally understandable. All I know is in these times we need less hate, less anger, less personal attacks and more kindness, empathy, compassion and above all community. Whether or not someone believes in God or likes or dislikes Trump is irrelevant. We are all just people doing the best we can. I wish you a lovely and peaceful night. As for me, I’m going to have a glass or two of wine and watch some TV with my hubby.


      • DeeCee I have a big sign over my desk. It says: Be Kind. All I want is kindness. And the hatred towards Trump to stop. We all need to work together. Not play the blame game. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Cindi

    What an emotional post. I always think of the late Father Andrew Greeley and his prolific book writing. Every book had the same theme. God draws straight with crooked lines. If He has to hit you over the head He WILL get your attention.

    Keeping you and Nick in my prayers.

    Best wishes from Best Bun

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