Best Sound Byte Of Today

I got to listen to this exchange between President Trump and another one of our fake news journalist (if you even want to call him that):

My status report: we all will know tomorrow if my brother has contracted the coronavirus. His results come back on Saturday. Meanwhile, he is confined to his hospital bed. I spoke with him yesterday and will give him a call later today. He said he’s very lonely. He sounds congested and he keeps coughing. His fever has come down a bit to 99. He also has a kidney infection, which is being treated and looks like its under control.

We think my brother contracted the virus perhaps two weeks ago. He had to travel from Florida to New York to see his specialist. He is recovering from bladder cancer and is in remission. He underwent surgery to remove the cancerous cells and 6 weeks of chemotherapy. My brother is a retired eye surgeon. He took precautions while flying: wore an N95 mask, gloves, etc. My brother is 76 years old.

So now the reality hits home.


  1. Oh dear. I’ll pray for him and you. My husband got laid off today, just like the day the stock market crashed in 2008. It all goes on, I guess. I’m taking your cue and trying to grow seeds instead of buying plants. See if that can keep me busy. Gardening is a good thing.


    • Oh Lynn, I’m so, so sorry about your husband. Let’s all pray for each other. If you need anything, let me know. Hopefully I can help.
      Thank you for your comment.


  2. I am so sorry for the health crisis in your family. I hope you all find strength together.

    As for the Trump reporter exchange, that reporter gave Trump a perfect opportunity to actually be a leader and not a cry baby. Three weeks ago he said that the US has 14 cases and soon it will be 0. Well, he wasn’t “right about that a lot”. He could have easily said something to the effect of, “we are prioritizing resources, we are listening to your fears, but also working to bring you hope with the investments and support to our medical and scientific experts.” . You don’t show leadership by crying because you didn’t like the question-you take the question and give a strong response. Watch some of the press conferences our Governor Walz is doing in Minnesota. No blame, but clear, pragmatic information, couched in hope and unity. That is how you show leadership.


    • Hi Sam. I’ll def give a look. The prez was arguing with that guy over a drug that may work. Give it a chance. Sometimes the doom and gloom doesn’t do any of us good. Thanks


      • Hi Lynn. I know it. Trump is doing an outstanding job. Nobody does it better. The more people resist him, the worse they make it for themselves. This is a test of all time.
        Thanks again for your comment. 🙂


    • HI Sam. I started watching your governor on YouTube:
      Our Governor Cuomo is also doing a fantastic job. Cuomo has been in the national news a lot because New York State has turned out to be ground zero in the US.
      A governor is a governor. A president is a president.
      Here’s a list of all the statements Trump has made since this madness started:

      I am certain Trump doesn’t want us to riot so he probably says things to make sure there is no civil unrest. He’s damned if he does. He’s damned if he doesn’t. Our best bets are to depend on our governors. Let them deal with Trump and get us the things that we need. The governors seem to all be doing a very good job.

      Thanks again for your comments.


      • Lynn there’s a reason why Nick and I will never move out of NY. It’s a great state with great laws and incredible consumer rights protection. Amazing landscapes. Good food. Great caring politicians. Cuomo has done right by the elderly. He does so in honor of his mother.
        Some laws, such as the new bail law aren’t 100% perfect but we New Yorkers will make sure Cuomo does get it right.
        I love NY. 👍


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