My Brother Tested Positive For The Coronavirus.

My brother was just put into intensive care. He’s on a respirator. He’s in a Florida Hospital. He caught the virus when he took a medical trip to NYC last week. Despite wearing an N95 mask, gloves and taking all the precautions (he’s a retired doctor) he caught the virus anyway.  My brother is 76 years old. We don’t think he is going to make it but maybe he might. Personally, I doubt it. He had just gotten over being treated for bladder cancer. Underwent several surgeries and 6 weeks of chemotherapy. His immune system is probably weakened.

I hope everybody is happy. To all the people who made late night jokes, laughed, thought this was funny, not to be taken seriously and has bashed our President Trump to kingdom come, I hope you are all happy. You all got what you wanted. You took down America (please don’t think we’re voting for a demented Democrat, because we’re not).

You took down my brother.


My brother. Two years ago.

Update: More than one person per hour is dying in NYC (click here)

FEMA declares NYC a ‘disaster zone’. Click here.

3/21/20 2:42PM, they just started giving my brother the two experimental drugs. If they had known sooner he would have gotten the drugs sooner. Pray people. Just pray. My SIL is probably going to come down with the virus also. She’s in worse shape than my brother having had a double mastectomy a few years ago. All her lymph nodes were removed and she can not tolerate any germs whatsoever.




  1. Sorry to hear this about your brother.

    If anyone thought this was a “joke” it was Donald Trump, who said initially it was a “hoax.”


    • Thanks Sally. If Trump wasn’t so caught up in the impeachment hoax, he could have been concentrating his time on the virus. But please, let’s not argue. At least on January 31, 2020 Trump stopped all incoming international flights to our country from China. That one deed alone may save our country yet.
      We Americans think that no bad things could ever happen to us. Well, 9/11 proved that it can, it does and it will. Whatever it is, Trump is on the case NOW and only ‘now’ is what matters.
      Thank you again for your comment.


      • Donald Trump closed the border to China immediately and they all called him a germophobe and a racist. He started dealing with it immediately. Obama wouldn’t have been any more prepared for this or it would have been in PLACE already. They are doing a good job.


      • I know Lynn. I know. Trump is doing an outstanding job and the people just won’t give this guy a break. It’s so horrible….the hatred…..the hatred……
        Thanks again for writing to me. I appreciate it so much. 🙂


    • And Donald Trump NEVER said it was a “hoax.” He said it was real, but he said the treatment of him by the media was the next hoax. And they are deliberately misquoting him as part of it. You should listen to a variety of news.


      • Exactly. The Democrats would rather take our whole society down, our whole financial well-being Down than have Trump re-elected. Think about that. Bloomberg wasted $7million dollars trying to defeat Trump. The hatred. The hatred. That money could have been used to help the homeless. Ugh.

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  2. No Democrat would want your brother to get the coronavirus. Democrats care about other people. Many Republicans are the same way. To believe another politcal party would want anyone to get sick is ridiculous. Do you know he got it when he went back to New York? I am not questioning your analysis, but you need to calm down. Sticking with our crazy President is not realistic. He is in a bad situration and keeps saying things that are not true. Your Democratic New York Governor is acting as quick as he can, so he can keep you safe. It is good you came home from Florida and are shut yourself up.

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    • Sue, I’m a lifelong (since 18) registered Independent. I do not favor any political party. I have always voted for whomever I thought was right for the political position.
      I don’t think a Democrat or a Republican would want anyone to get sick BUT if the Dems thought it would ruin Trump’s chance for re-election, they may lean towards the pandemic.
      The Democrats have been wanting the good economy to tank for a very long time. They know a recession will turn a lot of voters away from Trump. It’s only natural people would turn. The Democrats, try as they might, haven’t been too closed lipped in their attempts to foils Trump:

      Back in 2018, Bill Maher rooted for a recession:

      If the pandemic is an act of God, and if the results will be what they will be then so be it. Its a natural occurrence. But to fudge the playing field or slant the statistics falsely or corruptly, that shouldn’t be tolerated. Surely you can agree to that?
      What will be, will be. What is true, let it be true. What is false, let it be revealed.
      I voted for Bill Clinton the 2nd time. I voted for Cuomo the first 3 times he ran. The last time I voted for a Republican, Marc Molinaro, who again, we know him since he was the mayor of a small NY upstate town when he was only 19 years old. Marc’s a good guy. But in retrospect, Cuomo’s doing an excellent job now. Marc may have not been ready for this calamity. So, as I said, what will be, will be. Just let it be fair and honest. That’s all anyone can ever ask for. Stop wishing people to fail. Let them do their jobs.


  3. Oh, Cindy, I am so sorry to hear that your brother has the virus. We just said a prayer for him and his wife and all of you. I pray that he will be okay. Ann M

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  4. Cindi, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. I will be praying for his recovery, and your SIL’ s health as well. God bless you, God bless America, God bless our President. We will survive this.

    Elaine from Texas

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  5. Cindi – so sorry the trolls are out there. I check in to see if you have posts updates – you are part of the “blog family” I follow – hoping you and your husband and family are healthy or healing – The trolls are not worthy of your time or wisdom. I wish they just stay under their bridges – Stay well!


  6. I’m keeping all with this horrible virus, and those that love them in my prayers. Please know that the trolls and the asinine individuals are not worth any emotional energy-and those doing the licking, sitting etc. on our food supply, hopefully will get arrested and charged as domestic terrorists.


    • Hi Sam. You’re right. Know we know who the real despicables are. The youths are starting to fall ill now.
      Just an update on my brother: his oxygen levels are improving from one of the new experimental drugs he was given. He’s got to hang on 5 more days for the meds to work. His kidneys, however, are in a funk and may cause an additional problem. Please keep my brother Walter Donald in your prayers. Thanks everyone so much!


      • Cindi, Cuomo just said they are starting those other drugs starting tomorrow. The malaria drug plus an antibiotic — maybe he can get it and that will improve more! Don’t listen to those idiots. You have plenty of people supporting you and your brother. Most people are still good. there has been some poor parenting so some of these young people feel entitled and think they know everything, but overall, still, there are more good people than bad in this world. Keep us posted. Lots of folks praying for him.


      • Hi Lynn. I know there are way more good than bad. That’s why I am still here. My sister told me that’s yes there are new drugs. And Cuomo took most of the supply. My brother is in Florida. My SIL also a doctor, has much faith in the hospital. She says they are doing the right thing. My brothers oxygen levels are improving.
        Thank you for all your much needed prayers. 🙏


    • Hi Florence. His medical team advised his wife yesterday to Skype as they didn’t think he would make it through the night. So she at least got to see him one more time. They were either giving him the experimental drugs last night or this morning. I’m waiting to hear from my sister now, noon time. I’ll let you know. Thank you for asking.


      • Lynn, it’s 1PM on Tuesday and my sister-in-law won’t answer her phone. We’re sending security up there to see if she’s OK. She’s on quarantine till April 1 but all alone. We have no idea what the status is with my brother because she won’t share the code needed to speak to my brother’s doctors. What a mess.
        I’ll keep you posted.


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