Update: My brother, Walter/Donald is still in intensive care due to his contracting the coronavirus. Two days ago, the nurses requested that his wife, Rose, SKYPE with him (he’s still in a coma) so that she could see him just one more time. Rose said she could only see his back and part of his face. His eyes were closed. The nurses turned my bother’s body prone and for some strange reason (prayer) his numbers improved, ever so slightly.

My brother is receiving hydrocortisone and doses of Actemra but his medical team does not want to administer hydroxychloroquine due to evidence of cardiac toxicity. The desperation comes in where the medical team and my SIL Rose, who is also a doctor, are in desperate need of the drug Remdesevir. They need to get this one last trial drug to my brother in time. Hopefully, to save his life.

I am asking you, please to say a little prayer for my brother. Ask God for one more chance to save my brother’s life, if possible. Ask God for a miracle.

I’ve turned off the comments to my blog because of the lunatics. But I know my readers are good and honest people. Please take a moment and ask God to help my brother Donald. Apparently your prayers are working because his numbers keep improving!!!!

Thank you.