My Experience With Instacart

With the federal and state recommendations for all of us to shelter in place, the only reason why some people leave their home is to go grocery shopping. Not all people, however, can nor want to venture outside and go grocery shopping. So, delivery services such as those offered by WalMart, PeaPod and Instacart are offering at-home food delivery. I decided to try Instacart because it was the ONLY service available of any kind in our area. (click here for Instacart’s website)

Instacart recently announced that due to the high demand for their services, they are hiring over 300,000 more delivery people to service their expanding customer base (click here). Please be advised (or forewarned) that the delivery people are like those hirees of Lyft and Uber. It’s regular people, who take your shopping list, go into the stores you selected (such as CVS, Tops Supermarkets, Publix etc) pick up your items and then delivery it to your door while driving their own cars. To be fair, there are many, many complaints against this company (712 complaints so far filed with the BBB, click here) and after my own experience, you will understand why.

First off, the company ‘fools’ you into joining a ‘free’ delivery service called  Express Service at an additional $9.99 a month which is totally un-necessary. The delivery only costs $3.99 to begin with and there is no need to sign up for anything additional. If you do decide to go ahead and use Instacart, they automatically tack on a 2% tip which I totally agree with. You have the choice of increasing the tip to 5% or 10% or 15%. My advice is to tip and to tip HIGH! Your shopper will note that and take on your case.

First off, this will NOT be your Instacart experience. They have eliminated the door service and will only leave your groceries on your doorstep or where ever else you advised them to leave it. YOU WILL NOT EXPERIENCE A SMILE IN ANY OF YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH INSTACART.
Once you register, set up an account, place your order and pay for it with a charge card (which Instacart automatically tacks on an additional amount in case you change or up your order) you will get a text/email message such as this. Yes, this is my message.
Right before your delivery is expected, you will get a message that your delivery has been slightly delayed. Perfectly understandable since there is an increased demand for this service.
Then you will get another message, right before your expected delivery, that it has been delayed again.
And then you will get another message that your delivery has been delayed yet once again.
Then you will get yet another message that your order has been delayed. It is now getting seriously late, as it is 10PM and you have all the lights on in and around your house so the delivery person can see your home from the road.
And again, you will get another message that your delivery has been delayed yet once again. Please Note: Instacart only delivers till Midnight. What the heck are they doing out there????
And there you have it. It’s midnight and Instacart is nowhere to be found. But what about that $130 order you placed that they charged $155 to your credit card?????
No worries. Instacart automatically cancelled your order, refunded your money pronto and now you have to start all over again. No thanks.
According to Forbes, your best bet to buy groceries is to shop at your small, independent, local, farm grocery, which is exactly what we did. These people care about YOU and they are working ferociously to keep sanitizing their store, sometimes 4X a day, attending to YOUR needs and keeping prices in check. Many small grocers offer realistic hours for the senior citizens to shop. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GROCER.

LOOK AT THOSE FARM FRESH, BROWN EGGS! Yeah, baby. Here are some of the meals we have been cooking thanks to our local grocer. Thank you guys!!!

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