About Us

in Newport, Rhode Island

Who are we?

We’re Cindi and Nick.  We’re not millionaires. We just live like one without the price tags. We made plans for our retirement and then God laughed. We hit a few roadblocks but we’re here to say we’re Mad Retirees and we’re not going to take it anymore. You can retire with less than a million dollars saved and we’re here to show you how.

No 401Ks. Measly ROTH IRAs. Every single retirement scenario says we’ll  run out of money by 2043.  I’ll be 93 and hubby will be 86.  As long as we keep our life insurance policies paid and die on time, we’ll be fine.😳

We’re Ivory-pure debt free.  Our home and cars are paid for. We buy big ticket items (appliances, new tires, home repairs etc) on zero interest financing. We purchased our current (and hopefully last) RV on a 3.9% loan (thus keeping our cash money invested earning 30.43% in the 2019 S&P 500).

We call our 3.5 acre estate in upstate New York, home. We winter (3 months) on the Treasure Coast along the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. We summer (2 months) on the beaches of Newport, Rhode Island.

We accomplish all of this on $29,000 net a year (based on 1 social security check, 1 pension check, some part time work and several investment streams). In addition we withdraw $6,000 a year out of our savings to cover property taxes and vacations. When hubby fully retires at 65, our annual income will rise to $43,000 net a year, thus eliminating any withdrawals from our savings.

We won’t be living large, we’ll just be living larger.

Welcome to my blog.