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We’re Cindi and Nick. This blog is about our early (Cindi @50) AND late (Nick@65) retirements. We’ve done them both. What we’ve learned is that you can plan well. Save well. And have it all expertly figured out and then reality sets in.

We’ve always advised people, based on our own experience, to travel and accomplish all that you’d like to before you retire. That’s because retirement is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Our original plan for retirement was to retire early and relocate to Florida. We also wanted to see America in our RV. We did the Europe and Caribbean thing while still employed. At age 60, Nick was diagnosed with a rare heart defect. Fewer than 180 cases of this disease have been reported worldwide.

This diagnosis changed everything as far as retirement planning goes.

We’ve had to restructure our finances downward (Nick working less). We’ve had to revamp our Social Security Benefit Dates later (Nick) to coincide with Medicare (due to Nick’s health concerns).  We’ve had to reshuffle our retirement planning accordingly.

Man makes plans. God laughs.

We’ve downsized from a 9 room house on eastern Long Island NY to a 4 room, custom-built farmhouse (1120 sq ft) on 3.5 acres in upstate New York. Medical literacy has become our primary focus. Savvy financial management is key. Enjoyment of life has taken on a new meaning. I blog about how we accomplish all of the above.

I (Cindi) was able to retire early (Lean FIRE) due to an expert investment I made (1985) in Real Estate in the Hamptons, Long Island, NY (sold in 2001). I retired just short of being a millionaire. Nick was forced to retire early due to his long-time employer going out of business plus being hit with a heart illness. Thanks to frugality, we’ve been managing just fine on approximately $28,500 a year. However, in order to keep our finances in order, we’ve realized that by working just a few days per month, at things we love to do, we can keep this thing called ‘retirement’ afloat. Nick will ‘officially’ retire in a few more years, when he turns 65.

My motto is this: “I don’t want to be rich. I just want to live like one.”

To find out more about us, watch this YouTube video:



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